Christmas Candle Decorations Craft Idea

Materials: Green, red, yellow and/or orange construction paper.

Color markers, glue, optional: glitter glue


Right click on top of the image below and click “print picture”
Trace each shape on different colors of construction paper, just like the examples below.
Paste all parts together to form the christmas candle.
OPTIONAL: You can add glitter glue to some parts of the candle to make it stand out like golden glue glitter on the flame…
You can either paste the whole craft on a piece of construction paper and use it as part of the christmas party decorations and/or open a hole punch, insert a piece of yarn and use it as a doorknob holder.



Once finished the craft project, it should look something like this: xmascandlesm

PS. You can slightly draw with white color markers the veins of the leaves, and the border of the flame in orange.