Christmas Games

bellChristmas Games

Fun Christmas games to amuse your family, friends and co-workers at your holiday celebration. These fun christmas party games will sure put everyone to sweat no matter if it’s winter. You can also make kids and adults enjoy of the fun of making christmas crafts a great party activity for this cold season. We have gathered some christmas party ideas to help you plan your christmas party, such as christmas recipes, christmas games and more!

Who am I?

Choose words on the Christmas theme such as Santa, Rudolph, elf, Christmas tree, gingerbread man, Frosty, snow, etc. and write them on cards. Pin the name of one of these characters or items on the back of each guest as they arrive. Tell them that they need to find out who they are by asking others for help.

The rules are:

  1. ask yes or no questions only
  2. answer yes or no questions
  3. no removing your own name tag to find out who or what you are.

This is one of people’s favorite Christmas game idea for an office Christmas party. Get old and new workmates start a conversation and get to know each other a little better with this fun activity.

No Jumping, No Clapping

For this game, players get into a circle and stand at the distance of stretched arms from each other. The leader is in the center of the circle. He/she makes different movements and the players repeat all of them exactly. But there are two things that players mustn’t repeat: jumping and clapping. Instead of them players must say out loud “no jumping!” or “no clapping!”. The player who makes mistakes is out of the game and the last one left wins a prize. Check out some of our Christmas party supplies and choose a christmas gift for the winner of the christmas game.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt can’t miss in your list of Christmas games. Make a list of items that kids must find among your Christmas ornaments, gifts or even in the food! Give a copy of the list to each player. For example, tell children to find a gingerbread man with red buttons, which can be among your cookies. Have easy and difficult clues. Here are some suggestions: a red candle, a gift wrapped in yellow paper, a particular decoration hung from the tree, etc. Have them write down beside the item in the list where they found it, who the gift wrapped in yellow paper is for, etc. The first player to come back to you with the right answers is the winner.

Don’t forget to include a christmas pinata in your list of party activities. Our real sounds pinatas will amuse everyone! Hear them talk when hit!