Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas party ideas and christmas activities such as christmas crafts for your xmas party! Now you can throw a great christmas party with our ideas. Planning the christmas holiday is now more fun than ever. You can learn about the christmas traditions of different cultures and practice christmas crafts for kids! Take advantage of our great christmas party ideas!

Where are Santa Clothes

Get a Santa outfit about the size of a beanie baby or so and Hide the various

items, jacket, pants, cap, etc… throughout your holiday decorating, You may want to even take a photo of Santa before he lost his clothes, so that everyone has an idea of what to look for.

Examples of place to hide Santa’s clothes

Santa jacket On the silo of my barn in the Christmas village I put out

Santa pants On a small tree

Santa belt Use to hang an ornament on a different tree

Boots Standing amongst candles or small Christmas statues

Bag In the corner of my nativity set up

Mittens Hanging around a small stuffed toy

Hat On a small statue or stuffed toy

Everyone is given a pad and pen when they enter (or you can wait until everyone arrives to begin) and told to look through out the decorating to find Santa’s clothes. When they find Santa’s clothes they need to write it down and prizes can be given to the first 5 people who get everything correct. This is a way of getting everyone to see all your decorating and different stuff through out the party area.