Santa Door Decoration Craft Idea

1- Printer, scissors, construction paper, foam, markers and glue.
Instructions on how to print out the Christmas Santa Claus craft.
1- Right click on top of the image and select print.
2- Select the number of copies you want to print out and click print.
3- Cut out Santa shape and trace it on red construction paper or red foam (depending what material you are using).
4- Print out the white parts of Santa provided here on white foam or white construction paper.
5- Paste the white parts in the correct place on the Santa Claus figure. With black markers highlight the dark mittens, boots and suit shadow.
6- Punch a hole where the little circles are showed and pass a yarn string to hang it on the door or use pipe cleaners, join them and insert them in the holes. Be creative, if you use pipe cleaners use ornaments around the pipe cleaners to make your own design!
You can use glitter glue, stickers and more if you want to add some extra decorations to your Santa Claus!